PPIO's container service

PPIO's container service is not only used for server clusters, but also can be uniformly run on edge nodes and various embedded devices.


From virtual machine to containerization

PPIO uses a more lightweight container technology, almost no additional performance loss, light and flexible, easy to large-scale use and rapid distribution and deployment of images, and in line with development direction of the current serverless


Mass resources, Stable supply

PPIO has a large number of various types of edge nodes, including first-level nodes, covering large and medium-sized cities, second-level nodes, covering small and medium-sized cities, and third-level nodes, covering the block level.


Container cloud

PPIO has the docker deployment environment and the ability to deploy, upgrade, and replace large-scale docker instances; it has the ability to remote login and debug for docker instances; it also has the ability to collect, monitor and display the docker instances. It can monitor data items including CPU, memory, bandwidth, Crash etc.


Task isolation and dynamic resource allocation

PPIO can support task isolation and limit resources; It can schedule resources to guarantee the quality of service of important tasks; It can support agile scheduling of containers and optimal reuse strategies of computing resources, aiming to maximize the benefits of nodes based on customer service experience