A decentralized data storage and delivery platform for developers
that value affordability, speed, and privacy



Unable to afford high storage cost? PPIO significantly cuts the price tag, by making use of the vast amount of bandwidth and storage resources sitting idle on the Internet. The unique design of PPIO’s distributed file system and blockchain-based share economy guarantees the reliability and quality of its storage service.

Privacy & Security

PPIO’s decentralized storage network uses unique data partition and encryption algorithms, which ensures that user data can only be indexed and retrieved by a unique private key. The system can also effectively defend against various kinds of network attacks and prevent unauthorized data access.

Efficiency & Stability

PPIO is designed from the ground up to perform efficiently on a global scale, by leveraging the founding team’s experience from running decentralized networks with hundreds of millions of users. Also, it is equipped with 4 efficient proofs to maintain the integrity and reliability of its storage network.

Application Scenarios

Private Data Storage

Due to its decentralized nature, PPIO's storage network is ideal for private network storage applications.

Enterprise Data Storage

PPIO can slash costs for enterprise data storage, while providing high performance services.

Decentralized Apps

Your smart contracts or other decentralized application data on the blockchain can be stored on external storage by utilizing PPIO’s APIs.

Media Streaming

PPIO provides cost-effective bandwidth resources that help reduce the costs of content distribution significantly.

Data Exchange

PPIO provides ways to match file assets sellers & buyers and can handle transactions safely and reliably, without requiring an intermediate party.

Data Warehouse

PPIO can store a huge amount of datasets, replacing traditional unreliable local data storage and expensive cloud storage.

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