PPIO wallet


PPIO wallet is a decentralized blockchain-based wallet. Also, PPIO wallet account is your user credential for using PPIO services. PPIO wallet does not have a centralized organization and your wallet can only be transferred with your own private key.

If you don't understand the concept of blockchain wallet, there are many articles on Google.

Generate a PPIO wallet account

Go to PPIO wallet to generate a PPIO wallet account.
generate PPIO wallet


Your keystore file and passphrase is your user credential to use all PPIO services such as POSS. Except you, there is no centralized organization to keep them. You should keep them safe.

Log in PPIO wallet

Go to Here
import wallet
PPIO wallet currently supports importing keystore files and private keys, but will soon support mnemonic words login.

These concepts are concepts in some common blockchain techniques that you can google to understand. Alternatively, follow our tutorial.

Get wallet address

get wallet address
If someone wants to transfer money to your PPIO wallet, you can send this address to them. This address is publicly available and there is no risk.

Get private key & keystore file

get private key
This private key and the keystore file are essential and cannot be made public. Once the private key is compromised, your account is very dangerous.

Get Some Test Coins

Now that PPIO's testnet is just online, you can go to our faucet to get some test coins for free.
get coins from faucet

  • Enter your PPIO address to generate the content you may post.
  • Post the content to Twitter.
  • Copy-paste the posts URL of the tweet.
  • Click the “Give me PPIO coin” button to get 1 free PPIO coin for testnet!

PPIO Official Account

PPIO wallet is your digital wallet. However, if you want to use PPIO's storage service, you must recharge some PPcoin to a PPIO Official Account to purchase these services. This kind of processing is troublesome, but it is more in line with the idea of decentralization, and even if the PPIO service is attacked, it will not affect your wallet.


PPIO Official Account is a specific PPIO account. You have to recharge some PPcoin to PPIO Official account => ppio1RrvoTasB3n96sFFxBUr4dbVheATVrrPYZ to use PPIO services.

import wallet


You can transfer to any PPIO wallet address.
wallet transfer

Unit in PPIO wallet

1 PPcoin = 1018wei = 1015Kwei = 1012Mwei = 109Gwei = 106Twei = 103Pwei

Find All Your Transaction Records

get coins from faucet
Also, you can find the transaction records of all PPIO wallet accounts here.

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