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As easy as ABC

# create a bucket

$ ./poss create-bucket --bucket=test

# upload a file to POSS

$ ./poss put-object --bucket=test --chiprice=100 --key=/test.png --expires=2019-04-01 --body=/home/u/test.png

# get a file from POSS

$ ./poss get-object --bucket=test --key=/test.png --chiprice=100 --outfile=/home/u/test-poss.png

Demo app is our official app based on PPIO. It is a simple personal storage cloud disk that you can use to upload, download and share your files. All operations are decentralized. The code of this app is also open source. (Know more about how to use the demo app)

PPIO CLI is the command line interface of PPIO. The command of PPIO CLI starts with `poss`. You can use the PPIO CLI to complete uploading and downloading of files and so on.(Know more about PPIO CLI)

We now only have PPIO SDK for Node.js and Android. This PPIO demo app is developed by the PPIO SDK(This is the guide of PPIO SDK).


Application Scenarios

Decentralized Apps

Your smart contracts or other decentralized application data on the blockchain can be stored on external storage by utilizing PPIO’s APIs.

Data Exchange

PPIO provides ways to match file assets sellers & buyers and can handle transactions safely and reliably, without requiring an intermediate party.

Media Streaming

PPIO provides cost-effective bandwidth resources that help reduce the costs of content distribution significantly.

Data Warehouse

PPIO can store a huge amount of datasets, replacing traditional unreliable local data storage and expensive cloud storage.

Private Data Storage

Due to its decentralized nature, PPIO's storage network is ideal for private network storage applications.

Enterprise Data Storage

PPIO can slash costs for enterprise data storage, while providing high performance services.

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