Blockchain technology

PPIO combines blockchain technology with transmission and storage scenarios to achieve accurate blockchain accounting transmission and storage


PPIO Blockchain, which combines blockchain technology and distributed storage​

PPIO successfully combines blockchain technology with transmission and storage scenarios, and uses blockchain for accurate accounting transmission and storage.


PoDE-Proof of Block Data Transaction​​

The PoDE (Proof of Data Exchange) is based on the zero-knowledge proof mechanism can guarantee the integrity, reliability and security of large blocks of data in the point-to-point transmission and transaction process.


SCoDT-Streaming Data Status Channel

SCoDT (State Channel of Data Transmission) is suitable for streaming data transactions. The principle is based on the state channel idea, which divides large transactions into micro transactions to achieve, which not only improves the efficiency of transactions, but also reduces the risks of transactions. PPIO SCoDT is based on smart contracts in the chain, which can be linked to a variety of different proof mechanisms and algorithms, so as to achieve performance optimization according to different scenarios.