PPIO Edge Cloud
Gather global computing resources and serve all mankind
About PPIO
PPIO is a distributed cloud computing project initiated by PPTV founders Bill YAO and Wayne Wang in 2018. The goal is to build a decentralized distributed cloud service platform. The mission is to gather global computing resources and serve all mankind. PPIO is based on the business model of sharing economy, combined with big data, cloud native and distributed computing technology, and gathers professional server resources at the edge of network to build the first distributed cloud service covering all provinces, cities, districts and counties in China to serve the next generation edge computing scenarios with low-latency, high-bandwidth, reliability and security. At present, it has become the main provider of distributed cloud services for many first-line audio and video internet giants, cloud computing companies and unicorn startups at home and abroad.
At present, there are micro data centers and distributed computing resources in more than 1000 cities and regions in China, which can provide eBareMetal, and eContainer at the edge of network nationwide, as well as edge computing services such as CDN, audio and video live streaming and transcoding, application performance monitoring, AI computing reasoning and cloud game rendering based on distributed cloud native architecture.
Bill Yao
PPIO Co-founder
In 2004, he suspended his study from Huazhong University of Science and Technology as a graduate student and started his own business. As the inventor of the P2P-Streaming protocol, he founded PPTV(alias PPLIVE), an internet TV software with 450 million users worldwide, and was invested by many world-renowned investment institutions such as Softbank, DFJ, BlueRun etc. and sold the company to the listed company, Suning Group in 2014. Yao also served as the investment partner of BlueRun Venture, the founding president of AI entrepreneurship camp and the president of Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurship Association.
Wayne Wang
PPIO Co-founder
Serial entrepreneur, former PPTV co-founder and chief architect. In 2004, he started his own business in the university dormitory with Bill Yao, and led the completion of the P2P streaming media platform PPTV with billions of users. In the past ten years, he has experienced many major architecture restructurings from PC to mobile, and from P2P to cloud migration, and has experienced large-scale live broadcast events of the World Cup in South Africa and Beijing Olympics, and has extensive experience in system architecture. In 2014, he co-founded JiDou Internet of Vehicles with the slogan “make cars smarter”, and became Tier1 supplier of many car companies such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc. In 2018, he cooperated with Bill Yao again, initiated and founded PPIO in Silicon Valley, focusing on the next generation distributed cloud architecture.
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