Gather global computing resources and serve all mankind

About PPIO

PPIO is an open source project initiated by PPTV founder Yao Xin and PPTV co-founder Wang Wenyu. It is a decentralized distribution and storage platform for developers to make it faster, lower cost, safer and more private. The mission of the project is to gather global computing resources and serve all mankind.

PPIO adheres to landing the concept of edge computing, effectively connects the cloud, edge, and end to provide the next generation of interconnection infrastructure, and hopes to establish an industry standard for edge computing through open source. And based on the PPIO open source project, a commercial ecosystem is incubated around it, so as to realize commercial profitability.

PPIO's thinking is similar to the sharing economy. In the future, it will combine blockchain technology to use incentives to effectively aggregate various storage, bandwidth and other resources to provide reliable edge computing services.

The team has strong technical accumulation. It has been designed and actually implemented to become the best P2P network in the Eastern Hemisphere, effectively serving hundreds of millions of users. The team is composed of core executives and technical members of well-known companies such as Microsoft, Tencent, Alibaba, IBM, Huawei, Ant Financial, PPTV, and is headquartered in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xian, with a branch in Silicon Valley.

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    Bill Yao

    Co-founder and Chairman of PPIO

    In 2004, he took a break from his studies at HUST and started his own business. He founded the PPTV,one of the most popular network TV software with 450 million users worldwide. PPTV has received about US$710M from well-known investment institutions such as SoftBank, Suning, Baidu, DFJ, BlueRun, and SBCVC. In 2014, he sold the company to Suning Group, a public listed Chinese company.​

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    Wayne Wang

    Co-founder and CEO of PPIO

    He is a serial entrepreneur, geek engineer, the original PPTV co-founder and PPTV chief architect. He is a world-class expert in P2P technology, and once led two distributed storage projects in PPTV. Therefore, PPIO was founded in 2018 and used blockchain technology for distributed storage.

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